How we secured housing for 450 students

Housing in Germany
Housing in Germany

January 3, 2024

We're excited to share another success story from Worki. This time, it centers around our partnership with Runtime to find housing for 450 students for 18 different projects across Germany - a task as challenging as it was rewarding!

The Challenge

Imagine the task of finding affordable and comfortable housing for hundreds of students coming to Germany to work for 3 months. This was the challenge ahead. These employees were crucial for our partner companies during peak season, and providing them with a suitable housing was a key part of the puzzle.

Types of Housing

Students were placed in various types of housing, including apartments, houses, and hostels. Typically, around 16 students shared one housing, with rooms housing 2-6 individuals. These accommodations featured shared kitchens and bathrooms. The key focus was on affordability, with a priority on ensuring that all accommodations were conveniently located near the workplace, so they are accessible by bus or train.

Collaborative Effort with Runtime

Finding the right accommodation, in the right time was a complex task. Early planning was key. Runtime, led the initiative to find practical and affordable housing solutions. They collaborated with multiple housing agencies to navigate the local housing options and to secure adequate living spaces.

More Than Just a Place to Stay

At Worki, we're committed to going beyond just solving other parts of the puzzle, such as recruiting, work permits, and visas. We understand that housing is a significant part of the puzzle. Students don't only find a place to live - they also build new friendships and enjoy their time together after work.