How we secured 450 work permits for 18 partners

January 4, 2024

This year, we managed to get work permits for 450 students who were working with 18 different companies in Germany. It was a big job with lots of details.

Gathering All the Right Documents

First, we had to collect important documents from everyone. Students gave us their passport, proof they were enrolled in a university, their student status, and their student ID. The companies provided a job offer and signed the application for the work permit. Our partner Runtime submitted all these documents to ZAV, a government office, for their approval.

It's All About Timing

We started this process in September and finished in March. Each month, we gathered documents from the recruited students and sent them to ZAV. Approval from ZAV could take up to 3 months, making February the last viable month for students to start work in June, and March for July.

Getting the Green Light

The most important part is getting the approval from ZAV. Without their approval, students can't work in Germany. The smallest error in documentation could lead to refusal. Therefore, we ensured that every document, and every piece of data was accurate. This resulted in 100% approval rate for 450 students.

The Reward

The ultimate reward was more than securing the work permits. It was about empowering students with opportunities and ensuring our partners had the necessary temporary employees to thrive. This task was a testament to Worki's commitment to operational excellence.