How 60 students made marzipan with love


December 15, 2023

Hello everyone! We've got a sweet story to share about 60 students from 7 countries who worked together for 3 months in a chocolate factory making marzipan in Lübeck, Germany.

The Beginning

6 months before the summer rush, a plan was set in motion to bring international students to a chocolate factory, who were looking for more than just temporary employees, they wanted a mix of cultural vibrancy and energetic youth to keep operations running smoothly.

Worki's Seamless Integration

The students arrived at the chocolate factory in June and July. Worki in cooperation with Runtime handled the recruiting, work permits, and visas for the students. Upon their arrival in Germany, students were welcomed into a provided and affordable accommodation.

First Day

Students from across the globe converged on the marzipan production factory. This wasn't just about meeting seasonal demands; it was about creating marzipan with love for the world. Day 1 marked the beginning of a 90 day period lasting to August and September.

Learning the Art of Marzipan

Over 3 months, they learned how to make marzipan. It's a special sweet made from almonds and sugar. The experts in the factory taught them everything, from choosing almonds to mixing and shaping the marzipan.

A Model for Businesses

Worki and Runtime offered the marzipan factory an easy way to hire globally. Just set your requirements, and Worki and Runtime take care of everything else, including recruitment, work permits, visas, and housing. Simple and hassle-free.

More Than Just Sweets

It wasn't just about making marzipan. The marzipan factory achieved their targets. Students lived and worked abroad for 3 months. Working together, they crafted not only sweets but also lifelong memories.